How we work

Tita ImpEx is your reliable partner in supplying a wide variety of herbs and spices from India. All our herbs and spices are handpicked at the Indian spice market by Tita ImpEx India. After purchasing the products, they are processed, packed and exported by Tita ImpEx India and imported directly by its sister company in Europe.

The whole process (from buying to exporting the products) happens according to the European standards for procedures, quality, hygiene and legislation.

Why Tita ImpEx

• The highest possible quality is guaranteed. All the products are handpicked and processed under strict conditions.
• No unnecessary intermediaries during the trade of the products. Therefore, we have the best quality for a competitive price.

Tita ImpEx provides not only herbs and spices for Indian cuisine but also for all your other favorite dishes.

We also supply spice mixes, marinades and various other products (See product list). Our products are available in various wholesalers and supermarkets. For more information please contact us.

Tita ImpEx India has a full export license. We can also offer a wide range of non-food products. Enquire about the possibilities to import products from India for your own business trades.

Who we are

Tita ImpEx is a genuine family run business managed by people who have a passion for food and who have years of experience in the catering industry. Our family has owned several restaurants over the years and we are proud to say that all the dishes were prepared using our own recipes and spice mixes.

Not only are we experienced in making delicious food, we also have extensive trading experience Due to the fact that we always were creative with food, always were in search of the best quality herbs and spices for our own dishes and have the know-how in actually obtaining the products in the right stores, we decided to put our knowledge and experience together and create our own line of products.