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Exporting Fresh High Quality Direct from India into Europe

Wholesale Tita impEx

Tita ImpEx SL is located in the province of Malaga (Spain) the main area of business is the export and distribution of fresh, high quality Indian herbs and spices direct from India into Europe. The company ships containers into the main ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg as well as several other European and UK ports, where all customs paperwork is undertaken prior to distribution.

All herbs and spices are carefully selected on the Indian spice market by our Mumbai based company Tita ImpEx Pvt. Ltd, they are processed packed and then exported for the European market. The whole procedure is closely monitored and meets all ISO 9001 2000 and HACCP standards required by European quality and hygiene legislation. Tita ImpEx Pvt. Ltd is also a member of the Spice Board of India, which ensures that each product is certified for quality before leaving the port.

Our present objective is to secure new distribution partners throughout Europe, who are interested in receiving bulk orders direct from India, which can be then resold or used as ingredients for private labels.


Wholesale Tita impExWhat Does This Mean for Your Company

  • You are always assured of fresh high quality gluten free product.
  • No unnecessary middlemen, so you are guaranteed the very best price.
  • English and Hindi speaking personal account manager located in Europe.
  • Highly efficient customer service.
  • Partner with a reliable team with years of experience in the Indian spice market.
  • Transparent pricing structure.
  • Only pay the transport, export and import costs for the container space used.
  • The ability to source hard to find herbs and spices.
  • Minimum orders of just 250kg per shipment.
  • Products can be delivered in 1Kg, 5Kg or 25Kg packaging.
  • Products can be prepackaged with your company labeling.
  • Door to door service available.
  • Full customs clearance service available.

Wholesale Tita impExWe Look Forward to Hearing From You

If our services may be of interest to your organisation, we would be more than happy to open a dialogue and discuss the opportunity in more detail.
We can also supply a complete pricelist and samples on request.
Please include your full name, company name, positioned held and direct telephone number, by return email or call directly.